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Since 2000, when it was founded,Cieffe Derma has been promoting a full range of oilfree cleansers (OILFREE) and topical treatments for sensitive skin (DERMAFFINE) which still represent the trademark of the company.

In 2001 PIRUVAK and PIRUVAGE, pyruvic acid-based products, were created to treat respectively acne and light roughness of the skin. In 2002 Cieffe Derma launched MACROCEA thus enhancing the use of Echinacea in Dermatology to supply natural help to the immune system against recurring pathologies. The following year PUELLAE was introduced as a supplement for premenstrual acne.

Since 2005 the company has been able to reach a good number of Specialists in Dermatology throughout Italy thanks to its 15 pharmaceutical representatives, and it has been promoting both LUMAGE – to prevent photodermatitis – and DERMOSILE, a full range of products made from urea and salicylic acid.


In 2006 the Bishop line was developed with the brands KRIN-UP and ONIKRIN – specifically studied for trichological treatments – and HANDFIX (hand cream).

In more recent years Cieffe Derma has presented LAMINAFIX (treatment for nails), SOMADIN (supplement to improve mood) and ALOCOMBI from the Bishop line to treat alopecia areata using the principles of aromatherapy.

Today Cieffe Derma is committed to creating products – including cosmetics, supplements and other medical aids – that meet both dermatologists’ demands in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

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